The Moorestown Rotary Breakfast Club was honored to invite Chief Lee Lieber on Wednesday morning to accept a $1500 donation to purchase one Automated External Defibrillator (AED).  
Featured in the picture are Rotary President  - Ben Stammen, Moorestown Police Chief Lee Lieber

Chief Lieber stated " The Police Department’s is tasked with protecting and serving the citizens of and visitors to Moorestown. At the top of that list is saving lives. To do that, having the best equipment is critical to a positive outcome. We thank our friends at the Moorestown Breakfast Rotary for their continuing support with their  generous donation of the newest technology in Automated External Defibrillators (AED) giving our officers the best chance for successfully reviving a cardiac arrest victim. "

"This the third donation the Rotary Club has made to the Moorestown Police over the last 4 years.  The prior to donations made were supporting the Moorestown Police Unity Bicycle Team, and the Club is proud of their partnership with the Police Department, Past President Scott Aschoff noted.  

Heart experts at Johns Hopkins and elsewhere have evidence that at least 522 lives can be saved annually in the United States and Canada by the widespread placement of automated external defibrillators, the paddle-fitted, electrical devices used to shock and revive people whose hearts have suddenly stopped beating.

To date, the Club has funded total scholarships over $250,000, general charitable donations exceeding $150,000, Paul Harris Foundation support over $135,000, an annual technology school / college scholarship program, an annual  backpack school program, Rotary Youth Leadership Award ( RYLA) scholarships, participating in the Moorestown Citizen of the Year, Christmas gift card to middle school needy children & families, and Rotary District 7500 projects; shelter box, Gift of Life, Polio Plus.  

In addition, the Club has been named custodian of the Jeff Young Park in Moorestown, and will be responsible for maintenance and spring readiness, and sponsoring the Jeff Young Scholarship given annually to a Moorestown High School student.