Through the work of John Costello and one of his contacts, The Moorestown Rotary Breakfast Club donated $2,000 to a sanitation project in India last year. Below is a letter and some photos from the Project Leader in India. This shows the true mission of our club and the global reach that Rotary has. 

Hello friends!

A Very Happy New Year 2020!

Its been long since I had communicated with you. Let me begin with a Good News, our Rural Sanitation project 'Right To Go 2019-19', supported by you all through Global Grant, has been successfully completed. We have undertaken training and completed building 170 individual Toilet blocks.

On last Sunday, 5th Jan 2020, the 'Right To Go' project was formally dedicated to the people of Aghai village at the hands of Past Rotary International Director and Foundation Trustee, Rtn Ashok Mahajan. Our District's IPDG Dr. Ashes too were present at this auspicious occasion along with 20 Rotarians from our Rotary Club. (It was so heartening to see PRID Ashok sharing about our project on Twitter and facebook!)

The Value addition of this year's RTG project as compare to our earlier 3 similar projects is - 'Tippy Tap', an easy to build and use Hand Wash system that all the beneficiaries got trained with and built and are using it now.  

Another addition for this year was that we provided Toilet Cleaning Brush, Cleaning liquid and hand wash soaps to every home (170 nos). All this material along with the Plastic Can (for Tippy Tap) was sponsored by one of our Club members, Rtn. Pawan Adnani.  

The training on health, hygiene, hand wash, importance of use and maintenance of toilet was conducted at various hamlets across the Aghai village. These training sessions were also conducted at the local schools involving the students. (By qualified and experienced Trainer Ajit with his team) - This was funded by our Rotary Club.

So while due to unforeseen prolonged monsoon season this year (you must have came across the horrific situation across India through news channels/newspapers), we lost close to three and half months, the extreme difficult terrain in some of the hamlets of Aghai village (80% of Village is forest, where many of our beneficiaries live) added the difficulty in transporting the construction material to individual homes. (Rtn. Renuka Desai has experienced some of this difficult terrain in her last visit to the Aghai village)

But thanks to efficient contractor, dedicated supervisor, involved villagers and active Rotarians of our club passionate about the cause of Sanitation, we completed every aspect of the project that was planned.

Forwarding few photos of 5th Jan event for your reference. 

Now I will start with the Reporting as required by GG application and will keep you updated on the same.

Request you to share name and contact details of your 2019-20 Club Presidents so that I can share this with them too.

On behalf of 1000 plus direct beneficiaries of Aghai village and Rotarians of our Rotary Club of Thane Hills, I thank every one at all the three Rotary Clubs and your RI District for your support. 

Last but not the least a 'Special Thank You' for RI Staff (New Delhi and Chicago) for their continued guidance and support, and at times patience with my emails and phone calls too! :)  

Warmest regards,